Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge 2014- KTM-UAE Service Camp

It’s been an exciting rally season so far. With 3 rallies in the bag, our customers have enjoyed their time immensely and have finished safely, with their bikes intact.

Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge 2014- KTM-UAE Service Camp

Christophe Florin, a veteran Dakar Rally rider, rode his 2013 KTM 450 Rally Replica at the recent Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge. His performance was excellent and took the bike home each day without a scratch! And it wasn’t because he was going slow either. He finished each day ahead of many other competitors well before sun down.

Aries, Kobus and Mohamad

Mohammed Balooshi making his way through the rocky terrain in Qatar

Mohammed Balooshi, Red Bull athlete for the UAE, has proven his savvy for rallying. After his Dakar d├ębut back in 2012, Mohammed has flourished in to a very capable rally rider and currently sits in 7th overall in the world standings after the Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge and Sealine Cross-Country Rally (Qatar)! And that’s after missing the Pharaons Rally in Egypt. Had he participated in that rally, his classification would certainly have been better. Hopefully, he will be able to gather the required sponsorship for the coming events.

Mohammed Balooshi with Kobus Potgieter at the Sealine Cross-Country Rally (Qatar)

Kobus Potgieter, one of our best customers from day one, rode in Qatar and then in Egypt aboard his 2012 KTM 450 Rally Replica (Balooshi’s former Dakar bike). The wealthy entrepreneur finished each day with consistency despite some navigational difficulties, here and there. Otherwise, Kobus did a marvellous job and brought home his bike each day.

Fantastic last stage finish!

In Egypt at the Pharaons Rally, Kobus finished a blistering 2nd overall on the last stage! Goes to show the potential of this “hobby” rider. Let’s see how he does in the coming rallies. We are confident that he will impress us once again.

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