And they're off!

Round 4 at the Emirates Desert Championship– The last round of the Emirates Desert Championship was a tough event for the riders. With ruts forming with every passing lap, the terrain was difficult to negotiate and choosing a line through the course was not easy. This was an event of attrition and for those that finished, it was truly a job well done.

The Balooshi Racing KTM SX-F bikes being prepared

The location of the event was held where it all started this season. Convenient and easy to get to, even normal cars had no trouble at all and the travel time from Dubai was extremely short and sweet. Within an hour from departure, riders and teams were already setting up their pit areas. And being able to stay on the road made things even easier.

First wave of riders ready to start!

The layout of the track in front of the pit area was such that dusting from the passing riders was not an issue like the last event. A very nice sweeping uphill curve gave spectators a great view of the action. Several laps showed plenty of passing through this area along with a few tumbles from riders that succumed to the soft sand.

KTM-UAE setting up alongside Balooshi Racing

The Balooshi Racing Team came to the event 6 riders strong. Motocrossers looking to this new format of racing, Mohammed Balooshi had encouraged his team to come and try out Baja racing for a change of pace. Of the six riders, only three of them had experienced this type of racing so it was interesting to see how they faired.

Mohammed Balooshi- 3rd Overall

Mohammed Balooshi, a veteran to this sport, performed really strong and posted another overall podium finish. His determination must have filtered down to his team mates as two other riders stepped on to the podium as well.

Mubarak Al Ali-- 3rd place in the Masters Class

Mubarak Al Ali came prepared and employed a one-stop strategy which netted him 3rd place in the Masters Class behind two other KTM riders. Mubarak rode his 2014 KTM 450 SX-F like a veteran Baja racer, maintaining a good pace throughout the event.

Saeed Al Shenqiti- 2nd place in the 450 Class

Saeed Al Shenqiti took 2nd place in the 450 Class and rode the event like it was one bike motocross event. His stamina proved to be good enough to keep this frenetic pace throughout the event and garnered himself a great result.

Steve Blackney-- 1st place in the Open Class

In the Open Class, UAE Superbiker, Steve Blackney showed his prowess through the desert as he clinched another win for himself. Riding his KTM 530 EXC Factory Edition, Steve proved that he still has what it takes to win.

Congratulations to all the winners and finishers!

Of the 78 riders, 33 were on KTM motorcycles. Save for the Quad and Marathon Classes, KTM riders were on the podium! KTM-UAE was once again present with our KTM Customer Support Program where we provided mechanics and parts for all riders. It was a rough and tumble day at the Emirates Desert Championship and it was indeed a great day for orange riders. We can’t wait for next season!

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