KTM-UAE at the Emirates Desert Championship

Baja racing is probably one of the best types of offroad competitions organized in the UAE. No other competition type can offer affordability, amount of track time and convenience all in one event. As such, more riders embrace the format and makes for a fun, yet competitive experience.

Round 3 of the Emirates Desert Championship was a prime example of what I mentioned above. With over 90 riders, most of whom were riding a KTM, the desert around Labhab was roaring and thumping for a solid two-hours! Riders of all skill levels ran through a designated route of about 17 kilometers featuring nice desert terrain and rolling dunes.

And they're off!

The course was straight forward and had a nice flow to it. But as the laps wore on, big ruts began to form which made each passing lap much harder to get through. Adding to the challenge was the dust churned up in certain sections which made visibility an obstacle.

Michael and Jimmy

For many, this event was their first one of this type. Our very own Michael Winter, the regional Sales Manager for Middle East and Africa, a road racer, was christened in Baja racing at this event. Still new to desert riding, he was the perfect example that anyone can participate and have a blast.

KTM-UAE: Aries and Michael

“I’m just here to be “water carrier” for our customers,” said Winters. “It was tough out there! Especially when the ruts got bigger, it was harder and harder to ride through them. And I got a little lost a couple of times. But in all, it was really so much fun,” he continued.

KTM Customer Service Program

KTM-UAE was at the event as support to KTM customers and other riders. With spare parts and tools on hand, our mechanics were available for assistance. One customer came to us looking for an air filter as his was already in need of replacement. Thankfully, we had a box full and he was ready to race in no time!

KTM-UAE with Balooshi Racing and Sun Blast Racing

We also provided the Sun Blast Team pit service for their riders as well as for the Balooshi Racing Team. With quick and efficient fuel stops, the riders were in and out of the pits quicker than they could catch their breath!

Quick pit stops

When all the dust settled and the riders safely back in the pits, it was really great to see the happy, albeit absolutely knackered riders get off their bikes. In the end, many of our KTM customers took home a trophy and stood on the podium. Mohammed Balooshi, most notably took 3rd overall and 3rd in the 450 class.

Balooshi- 3rd Overall

For us, at KTM-UAE, it was great being back at the Baja races and being with our customers. Now, we can’t wait for the next event!

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