The second half of the KTM X-BOW BATTLE season began with the races at Hockenheim where the event organizer was able to welcome no less than 37 participants. This is not only the biggest field of starters so far this season but also included nine female participants and many ‘rookies’. “It’s simply going to be great that here we have seven new participants,” said Georg Silbermayr. “The X-BOW BATTLE is attracting more and more drivers, both male and female.

“And even if they do not contest full season almost all of them at least come from time to time and enjoy the flair and the sporting competition in the “BATTLE”. With this, our base is growing and so is our fiend of field of starters. I believe that this is a signal that we have gone in the right direction with the rules and the event organization!” One of the new starters, by the way, is very prominent: Stéphane Kox is namely no one less than the daughter of GT1 professional Peter Kox – and despite being only 18, she is already very fast. The reason for this is probably her kart racing experience, which is where she mostly races. It was therefore obvious that Stéphane should also drive a ‘prominent’ vehicle. The KTM X-BOW, in which she made here debut drive in Hockenheim is one of the three prototype vehicles that KTM had constructed by Dallara in Italy in 2008, which were the same as won the GT4 Enduro Championship that year.


Race 1:
Unfortunately the race weekend at Hockenheim began with a horrible incident. Title contender Klaus Angerhofer had a serious crash on Thursday. The man from the province of Upper Austria had at least 150 km h on the speedo on impact at the end of the start-finish straight but stepped out of his completely wrecked X-BOW without a scratch. What followed was a prime example of the spirit of the KTM X-BOW BATTLE. Peter Resch was one of the first to ask Angerhofer if he was okay and at the same time offered his his own car so Angerhofer was still in with a chance in the fight for the title against Sebastian Grunert. After much consideration Angerhofer decided to accept the offer and started official training on Friday in his ‘hire car’ where in qualifying he put down an excellent third place to finish well in front of Sebastian Grunert. Only pole sitter Michael Wretschko and newcomer Carsten Seifert were faster. Motorsports fans are only too aware that Seifert is one of the most successful drivers in the ADAC GT Masters and the one who takes over the role of ‘expert driver’ in Jürgen Pipp’s team. Also very quick in qualifying were Gerhardt Trenker, who was back after a long absence and the young Lukas Martin in only his third race weekend in the X-BOW BATTLE. They were on grid positions ten and 11. The start on Friday afternoon was particularly cautious as the 37 men and woman in the field set out on their 25-minute journey.

A very tough four-way battle developed at the front between Wretschko, Angerhofer, Seifert and a young man called Ronnie C’Rock, a stuntman in real life and also – no joke – the World Parking Champion as can be seen on RTL TV on September 22. For title favorite Sebastian Grunert it was all over after five laps when a technical defect put a stop to his race. Then after 14 spectacular laps, in which the lead changed at least once and sometimes more often per lap, it was Seifert who prevailed in his debut race and won ahead of Angerhofer and C’Rock, during which Klaus Angerhofer picked up important championship points. The battle in the other classes was no less spectacular as the young Swiss driver Philip Hirschi and the great veteran Jim Gebhardt battled it out in a fair fight duel that went on lap after lap. Then Gebhardt saw a gap that turned out not to be as big as he thought. He hit Hirschi’s rear wheel and both cars were damaged. It was strange to see Gebhardt having to limp his way back to the pits in his damaged car. The Rookie drivers followed suit and drove into the pits even though there was still one lap of the race left. This resulted in a surprise win for Ondrej Bach, in front of Hirschi and Piotr Maslanka. Stéphane Kox was an excellent fifth in her debut race and also “Julie Wood” drove a great race to finish in eighth.


Race 2:
There was not a lot of action in the second race because there was a massive crash in the first corner and what followed was a 25-minute safety car phase. Ernst Kirchmayr ‘crowned’ what was a luckless weekend for him by spinning out right after the start and this turned out to be the undoing of five drivers that followed. Event organizer Georg Silbermayr alias “Bernie Silverstone”, Martin Novotny, Jim Gebhardt, Philip Hirschi and Laura Kraihamer all crashed and this resulted, at least in part, in some serious damage to the cars. The worse affected was Kraihamer, who had move into the ProAm Class only that weekend and who had delivered a good result in training. Luckily no one was injured but cleaning up after the crash took a long time and because the race marshals did not allow for the race to be temporarily halted it turned out that when the lights finally turned green, it was only possible to race for another seven minutes. Sebastien Grunert was unstoppable in this sprint. He immediately grabbed the advantage and not only won, he was able to limit the number of points he lost in the first race. Carsten Seifert crowned a perfect first race weekend with a podium second and Klaus Angerhofer drove his ‘hire car’ into third place. Notable: Lukas Martin, who was fifth in the first race, finished the second in sixth for an absolute top finish. Ondrej Bach was a worthy double winner in the Rookies class and Jakub Havrlant and Piotr Maslanka completed the podium. Karsten Thormann followed as the first “Rookie” in fourth place, Stéphane Kox finished fifth in her second race to finish in front of “Julie Wood” who turned out to be more successful in Hockenheim than her “Bernie Silverstone“…


Race 1: August 31, 2012:

01. Carsten Seifert (ProAm), 26:29.425 (14 Laps)
02. Klaus Angerhofer (ProAm), + 2.389 seconds
03. Ronnie C’Rock (ProAm), + 3.232
04. Michael Wretschko (ProAm), + 4.689
05. Lukas Martin (ProAm), + 16.266
06. Gerhardt Trenker (ProAm), + 16.521
07. Pierre Ludigkeit (ProAm), + 16.815
08. Jiri Pisarik (ProAm), + 27.502
09. Uwe Schmidt (ProAm), + 43.814
10. Jürgen Pipp (ProAm), + 44.385
11. “Bernie Silverstone” (ProAm), + 50.540
12. Winfried Assmann (ProAm), + 54.335
13. Martin Novotny (ProAm), + 56.383
14. Eyke Angermayr (ProAm), + 1:11.126
15. Ondrej Bach (Rookie), + 1:52.074
16. Pavel Heinik (ProAm), + 1:53.329
17. Marcus Lacroix (ProAm), + 1:55.655
18. Wolfgang Henseler (ProAm), + 1:59.114
19. Philip Hirschi (Rookie), + 2:00.392
20. Major Adolf Kottan (ProAm), + 2:02.888
21. Piotr Maslanka (Rookie), + 1 Lap
22. Andersen Wiegelmann (Rookie), + 1
23. Stéphane Kox (Rookie), + 1
24. Peter Resch (Rookie), + 1
25. Karsten Thormann (Rookie), + 1
26. “Julie Wood” (Rookie), + 1
27. Jim Gebhardt (Rookie) + 1
28. Jakub Havrlant (Rookie), + 1
29. Ronja Assmann (Rookie), + 2 Laps
30. Artur Chwist (ProAm), + 4
31. Ernst Kirchmayr (ProAm), + 5
32. Jochen Ubler (ProAm), + 6
33. Laura Kraihamer (ProAm), + 6
34. Sebastian Grunert (ProAm), + 9
35. Hubert Trunkenpolz (ProAm), + 9
36. Danijela Radulovic (Rookie), + 12
37. Markus Fischer (ProAm), + 13

Race 2: September 1, 2012

01. Sebastian Grunert (ProAm), 26:41.176 Minutes (10 laps)
02. Carsten Seifert (ProAm), + 2.304 Seconds
03. Klaus Angerhofer (ProAm), + 3.039
04. Ronnie C’Rock (ProAm), + 3.847
05. Michael Wretschko (ProAm), + 3.943
06. Lukas Martin (ProAm), + 6.075
07. Jiri Pisarik (ProAm), + 6.699
08. Jochen Ubler (ProAm), + 7.827
09. Uwe Schmidt (ProAm), + 9.868
10. Gerhardt Trenker (ProAm), + 11.719
11. Pavel Heinik (ProAm), + 12.834
12. Pierre Ludigkeit (ProAm), + 14.022
13. Winfried Assmann (ProAm), + 15.792
14. Markus Fischer (ProAm), + 16.134
15. Marcus Lacroix (ProAm), + 19.735
16. Jürgen Pipp (ProAm), + 20.040
17. Eyke Angermayr (ProAm), + 22.208
18. Hubert Trunkenpolz (ProAm) + 22.410
19. Artur Chwist (ProAm), + 25.338
20. Ondrej Bach (Rookie), + 27.889
21. Jakub Havrlant (Rookie), + 33.926
22. Piotr Maslanka (Rookie), + 38.358
23. Karsten Thormann (Rookie), + 41.840
24. Stéphane Kox (Rookie), + 41.972
25. „Julie Wood“ (Rookie), + 1:00.459
26. Ronja Assmann (Rookie), + 1:02.961
27. Danijela Radulovic (Rookie), + 1:09.471
28. Andersen Wiegelmann (Rookie), + 5 Laps
29. Wolfgang Henseler (ProAm), + 9
30. Ernst Kirchmayr (ProAm), DNF
31. „Bernie Silverstone“ (ProAm), DNF
32. Laura Kraihamer (ProAm), DNF
33. Martin Novotny (ProAm), DNF
34. Jim Gebhardt (Rookie), DNF
35. Philip Hirschi (Rookie), DNF

Best in Class:

Race 1, August 31, 2012:
01. Carsten Seifert
02. Klaus Angerhofer
03. Ronnie C’Rock

Race 2, September 1, 2012:
01. Sebastian Grunert
02. Carsten Seifert
03. Klaus Angerhofer

Race 1, August 31, 2012:
01. Ondrej Bach
02. Philipp Hirschi
03. Piotr Maslanka

Race 2, September 1, 2012:
01. Ondrej Bach
02. Jakub Havrlant
13. Piotr Maslanka

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