KTM MX 2013

KTM is now offering all the information on the latest Motocross models available immediately via a fascinating digital brochure.

KTM, the Austrian sports motorcycle specialist is ‘Ready to Race’ also in matters of communication. For the first time ever, the brand has presented the entire contents of its latest range of Motocross models digitally in both a web folder and iPad App available in the Apple AppStore.

KTM MX 2013

Both applications deliver a bigger range of information than ever before thanks to the use of the latest digital tools. As well as the classic information such as comprehensive product description, photos and technical data, the digital brochure also delivers attractive additional multimedia content. In contrast to the standard print folder, the digital presentation and the App allow the user the possibility of interactive elements such as the 2-D navigation information for the MX 2013 Generation. And with the help of great functions such as the 360° View and Model Strip, it allows it them to completely immerse themselves into the fascinating World of Motocross. The digital folders also make wallpaper and motorsport videos available to those who visit. The MX App not only has space for interesting additional information about racing and the development of the motorcycles; it is also possible to share the information via social media functions such as Facebook, Twitter and others.

KTM MX 2013

The digital folder and App is available immediately in German, English, Italian, Spanish, French and Dutch. Everything about the new generation of Motocross models is available over all web browsers and the Apple iPad.

KTM MX 2013 As well as the fascinating, easy to use App, the classic information is also available from all official KTM dealers in the form of a printed information poster.

Web Version:
App in Apple AppStore:

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