A great surprise just before the start of the KTM X-BOW BATTLE’s third season: There will be four very fast women among no less than 30 starters. Event organizer Georg Silbermayr can be very satisfied because as well as the lady starters there are many other surprises for the launch of the 2012 season.

“Those who know “Bernie Silverstone” also know he’s never satisfied no matter how hard we’ve worked,” Silbermayr says. “There are many new teams in the competition and we’re offering a real highlight with the appearance at the German Touring Championship at the Red Bull Ring at the beginning of June. We already have 45 entries. Now with just two classes and by limiting the power of the car we’ll have a very balanced field of starters with a lot of jockeying for positions and many spectacular scenes. It’s going to be a fantastic season! And the icing on the cake is that we have four very brave and speedy ladies on the start. I think this is an absolute asset for the KTM X-BOW BATTLE and one that will ensure that we get a lot of attention this season!”


And by women competitors we mean “Julie Wood”, Renate Grünzweig, Danijela Radulovic and Laura Kraihamer, who will all be on the start for the first race weekend of the season at the Salzburgring. And it is the last name in this quartet that will attract a lot of attention. Laura Kraihamer from Mattsee is not only a real Salzburger and local hero but she also has a very famous name already associated with racing talent. Her brother Dominic is none other than the latest shooting star of the Le-Mans Prototypes and GT racing scene. And if you believe those who saw Laura’s X-BOW test drive it seems she can produce speeds on the day just like her brother. The 20-year-old student began with karting in 2005, competed in Formula Student, was often seen driving a Mini Challenge car and is looking forward to her first appearance in the KTM X-BOW BATTLE. “I love motorsport. Right from when I first sat in a kart it was clear that this is exactly the sport for me. This has been made possible by my parents who support me with lots of patience and energy. I’m looking forward to the start of the “BATTLE”. The car drives really well but it requires lots of feeling. The starter lineup is impressive in terms of strengths, talent and the kind of people they are. The races will be fun and very exciting and will result in lots of new experiences!” Laura is remaining silent about her goals for the first race but Georg Silbermayr issues a warning to the so-called stronger sex. “I already offer my sympathy to all those who are going to get beaten by the women – but don’t care about that!” The “BATTLE” year 2012 looks like it is going to be at least as outstanding as the previous ones!

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