Ken Roczen finished second in the final race

LAS VEGAS, Nevada – The Red Bull/KTM Team of Ken Roczen and Marvin Musquin put together two impressive rides to finish 4th and 5th respectively in the Dave Coombs Sr. East vs. West Supercross Lites Shootout held at Sam Boyd Stadium.

Supercross Lites East
The first half of the night show consisted of the final round of the East and West Supercross Lites Series with each group of riders competing in a 15 lap main. Ken Roczen was up first in the East Lites Supercross class. He got off to a 4th place start and quickly moved into 2nd by the end of the first lap. He remained in 2nd place for the remainder of the race to finish on the podium in the final race. His finish also secured him 2nd place in the overall point standings.

Supercross Lites West
Marvin Musquin was up next in the West Lites Supercross main. Musquin started 4th and held the position for the first three laps. Unfortunately, he is still dealing with a hand injury from the weekend before that started to plague him in the middle of the race. He dropped to 6th and held the position through the end of the race.

Flying Marvin Musquin In Las Vegas

East vs. West Shootout
Both riders had a small amount of time to recover and then they were back out on the track to tackle the East vs. West Shootout. Musquin got a decent jump off the start and was 5th around the first corner while Roczen was back in 9th. Roczen showed his speed in the first few laps and moved his KTM up to 4th place. He and the top three then began a great battle for the lead position that kept the crowd on their toes.

Roczen was able to hold the 4th place position throughout the remaining laps despite heavy pressure from his teammate at the end of the race. When the checkered flag flew Roczen came across in 4th place while Musquin held on to finish 5th.

Both riders will now spend the next two weeks testing for outdoors before the series opener of the AMA Motocross Series kicks off on May 19, 2012 in Sacramento, CA.

Results Supercross Lites East Las Vegas
1. Justin Barcia (USA), Honda, 15:40.400 min (15 laps)
2. Ken Roczen (D), KTM, +4.532 sec
3. Blake Baggett (USA), Kawasaki, +16.934
4. Malcolm Stewart (USA), KTM, +34.368
5. Blake Wharton (USA), Suzuki, +38.927
Other KTM
12. AJ Catanzaro (USA), KTM, 14 laps
13. Les Smith (USA), KTM, +4.838
17. Shane Sewell (USA), KTM, 13 laps

Results Supercross Lites West Las Vegas
1. Eli Tomac (USA), Honda, 15:52.996 min (15 laps)
2. Dean Wilson (USA), Kawasaki, +9.758 sec
3. Wil Hahn (USA), Honda, +13.011
4. Martin Davalos (USA), Suzuki, +17.329
5. Jason Anderson (USA), Suzuki, +22.160
Other KTM
6. Marvin Musquin (F), KTM, +25.577
7. Matt Moss (USA), KTM, +44.834

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