Ryan Dungey (USA)  wins Salt Lake City Supercross

Not only the weather in Austria was the best in Europe, also the KTM Factory Riders from Mattighofen showed really hot performances on weekend all over the world!

Ryan Dungey (USA) wins Salt Lake City Supercross

AMA Supercross
In only his second week back after returning from injury, Red Bull/KTM Factory rider Ryan Dungey claimed his third Supercross class victory of the season as he crossed the finish line first at the Salt Lake City Supercross.

Tony Cairoli (I) leaves Fermo with red plate in MX1

MX World Championship
Red Bull KTM Factory Racing put in a strong weekend of racing in Round 3 of the MX1 and MX2 World Championship in Fermo on Sunday to leave with two red plates and Tony Cairoli and Jeffrey Herlings as championship leaders!

Two KTM riders on Moto3 podium in Jerez: Luis Salom and Sandro Cortese

Luis Salom (RW Racing GP) and Sandro Cortese (Red Bull KTM Ajo) salvaged second and third place on KTM-driven Moto3 bikes in Jerez on Sunday reversing the places they achieved in the first GP in Qatar in a great battle for the minor places in the final stages of the race.
Results Supercross Utah
1. Ryan Dungey (USA), KTM, 15:56.144 min (20 laps)
2. Davi Millsaps (USA), Yamaha, +1.494 sec
3. Jake Weimer (USA), Kawasaki, +6.854
4. Justin Brayton (USA), Honda, +19.925
5. Mike Alessi (USA), Suzuki, +23.386

Standings Supercross after 16 of 17 rounds
1. Ryan Villopoto (USA), Kawasaki, 323 points
2. Millsaps, 244
3. Brayton, 237
4. Dungey, 232
5. Weimer, 211

MX1 Results
1. Christophe Pourcel (F), Kawasaki
2. Tony Cairoli (I), KTM
3. Clement Desalle (B), Suzuki
4. Gautier Paulin (F), Kawasaki
5. Ken de Dycker (B), KTM

MX1 Standings
1. Cairoli, 133 points
2. Paulin, 116
3. C. Pourcel, 106
4. Desalle, 105
5. de Dycker, 95

Jeffrey Herlings

MX2 Results
1. Jeffrey Herlings (NL), KTM
2. Michael Leib (USA), Yamaha
3. Jeremy van Horebeek (B), KTM
4. Jordi Tixier (F), KTM
5. Jose Butron (E), KTM

MX2 Standings
1. Herlings, 144 points
2. van Horebeek, 114
3. Tommy Searle (GB), Kawasaki, 109
4. Joel Roelants (B), Kawasaki, 85
5. Max Anstie (GB) Honda, 80

Luis Salom (KALEX-KTM, left) and Sandro Cortese (KTM, right)
Results Moto3 Jerez
1. Romano Fenati (I), FTR Honda
2. Luis Salom (E), KALEX-KTM
3. Sandro Cortese (D), KTM
4. Alex Rins (E), Suter Honda
5. Alexis Masbou (F), Honda

Standings Moto3
1. Fenati, 45 points
2. ViƱales, 35
3. Salom, 33
4. Cortese, 32
5. Rins, 19

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