Husaberg FE450-2000 AED Cash-Back

Purchase a 2012 HUSABERG FE450 and get 2000 AED Cash Back. Use the cash to buy parts and accessories, riding gear or anything else you want. Or, just keep the money in your pocket. This is an AMAZING DEAL!

2012 HUSABERG FE 450

Australian “Dirt Bike of the Year” award remains Husaberg only

2011 Dirt Bike of the Year Winner

In its third year of existance ADB’s “Dirt Bike of the Year” award was handed to Husaberg for the third time.
The August issue of Australasian Dirt Bike magazine features the third annual “Dirt Bike of the Year” shootout.

ADB had selected 8 bikes to battle it out for this prestigious trophy, three of which were Husabergs; the so far unrivalled champion FE 570, the 450cc Enduro Shootout winner FE 450 and the 300cc Enduro Shootout winner TE 300.

After two consecutive victories of the big-bore Husaberg FE 570 this year it was the FE 450’s turn to come out on top, being chosen by four of the five test riders as their favourite. Only one of the testers preferred the all new Husaberg TE 300 2-stroke.

To get the full story make sure to check out ADB’s August issue and to get a hold of the Dirt Bike of the Year or any other Husaberg model make sure to visit your nearest Husaberg dealer!

Specifications – Enduro 4-stroke – HUSABERG Motorcycles

Final price after cash back- 33,600 AED

KTM-UAE Sheikh Zayed Road PO Box 2185 Dubai, UAE P: +9714 346 8999 F:
+9714 346 8555 info@ktm.ae http://www.ktm.com

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