Waiting time is over for the highlights of the 2012 motorcycle season. Series production of the KTM Freeride 350 is underway.

The wheels are already turning. The first bikes of the Freeride 350 series production have left the factory in Mattighofen, Austria. This sporty offroad bike that is also licensed for road use targets riders who simply demand something unique and different.

KTM FREERIDE 350- Simply great: 23 hp – 99 kg

The Fun Factor
When KTM first introduced the Freeride 350 to the media last autumn it created a wave of positive feedback. The message bounced back time and time again: Finally there is a bike for pure offroad fun – a bike that let’s me tackle all kinds of stuff and doesn’t demand that I am a world champion!

To serve up the pure fun factor principle, KTM’s development technicians have gathered up all their collective offroad knowledge to come up with an all-round bike that weighs less than 99 kilograms. And thanks to the most modern engine technology it is also homologated for road use.

KTM FREERIDE 350- Freeride 350 in its element

With 17 KW (23 hp) the 350 ccm four-stroke single is powerful on all terrains but never too powerful to handle. The all-new composite frame supports both the Freeride concept and the specially developed suspension and brake components.

KTM FREERIDE 350- Created for beginners and experts alike

Time to Ride
Get out and about with the Freeride! It’s possible to have the Freeride 350 experience right now. More than 5,000 units of this new offroad addiction will be sold via the international KTM dealer network in 2012. This is instant satisfaction for both beginners and those already slightly – but incurably – dependent on the rush of offroad riding.


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