Launch of the Duke 200 in India, the world’s biggest motorcycle market.

India, with around 12 million motorcycles sold in 2011 is the world’s biggest market for two-wheelers. An increase in growth of 15% on this figure is expected in 2012. Bajaj, KTM’s partner in India, is the second biggest manufacturer in this market with a share of 20% and offers an optimal sales structure for KTM motorcycles through its dealer network.

The Duke 125 was already successfully introduced onto the European market in the first half of last year as a result of a development project with Baja. The next step has now followed. KTM CEO Stefan Pierer and Baja CEO Rajiv Bajaj officially unveiled the new Duke 200 to the media in New Delhi on January 24, 2012. With this motorcycle, KTM enters the Indian market with Bajaj for the first time and expects sales of around 20,000 bikes.

“34 flagship stores will be exclusively available to KTM in a first step. Six more will opening 2012. With an additional 40 service partners, KTM is to be anchored into the Indian market as a premium brand,” commented CEO Stefan Pierer as he described KTM’s the entry into this new market.

The Duke 200 is the first KTM model to be offered worldwide. With it, KTM takes a further step towards realizing its global product strategy and the expansion into the Emerging Markets.

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