ERZBERGRODEO XVIII, June 7th – 10th 2012, Eisenerz-Austria

ERZBERGRODEO XVIII, June 7th – 10th 2012

ERZBERGRODEO XVIII: registration kicks off on October 17th!
Even before the first engine fires up at Erzberg, race promotor Karl Katoch opens the race for the 1.800 entries for next year’s edition of the infamous Erzbergrodeo. 

The run for the entry spots starts on Monday, October 17th at exactly 10:00 a.m. CET with the opening of the Erzbergrodeo’s online registration. An online countdown clock at will inform the Erzbergrodeo’s impatient community about the exact start of the registration procedure. An astounding 150 kg of starting numbers are available for the limited 1.800 entry spots, and the 2012 registration will be once again handled in “first come, first serve” mode – so Gentlemen, start your engines and get ready to secure your entry spot! In 2011 the online registration had to be put offline after a mere 5 hours – and the entire race was sold out a few days after registration had begun. More than 1.300 hopeful dirt bike riders had to inscribe to the waiting list for the world’s biggest motorcycle offroad event.

ERZBERGRODEO XVIII, June 7th – 10th 2012

Erzbergrodeo XVIII modifies race regulations
To meet the current level of international motorcycle offroad sports, race promotor Karl Katoch has decided to update the race regulations of the respective race formats for 2012. The Erzbergrodeo offers three different race formats over the four days of the festival: Rocket Ride, Generali Iron Road Prologue and Red Bull Hare Scramble.
„The step-for-step accommodation of our race formats to the ever growing demands of our participants is a very crucial concern for us. Racing at Erzbergrodeo has to provide a maximum ammount of fun to our riders, without sacrifying any parts of the selective and demanding characteristic of the event.“, Katoch says about his reasons for the change of regulations – which are as follows:

ERZBERGRODEO XVIII, June 7th – 10th 2012

Rocket Ride 2012: higher and further!
Within the past three years, the Rocket Ride uphill race has already become a true highlight for racers and spectators. It’s all about full throttle from start to finish at the mighty uphill sections right below the main rider paddock at Erzberg – only without any major risk for man and machinery. For 2012 the race will be enlarged by adding a fourth massive uphill to the 3-stories long racetrack, which makes for an outstanding, unique dimension in terms of height and length. The Rocket Ride 2012 will be traditionally held on the Erzbergrodeo’s first day of action (Thursday, June 7th) and is limited to a total ammount of 300 participants.

Generali Iron Road Prologue 2012: new track markers!
The Generali Iron Road Prologue, the spectaculous high-speed dirtbike race to the Erzberg’s summit, will be upgraded with new track markers alongside the 14 kilometers long gravel racetrack. These track markers will be controlled by marshalls and are similar to the gates in alpine ski racing: each rider has to make sure to pass all the gates on his way to the finish line. This new regulation shall prevent any ambitions to short-cut the Prologue’s racetrack.

„To be really fast on the up to 30 meters wide racetrack you have to find the perfect line through the many corners. To carry your speed from the straights into the hairpins is absolutely crucial to gain valueable time on your opponents. In most of the cases, shortcutting will even result in a loss of time.“, Karl Katoch explains. With 1800 participants from 37 nations and 5 continents, the Generali Iron Road Prologue is regarded as the world’s biggest and most spectacular motorcycle offroad race.

Red Bull Hare Scramble 2012: easier, faster, longer!
After increasing the ammount of checkpoints from 15 to 20 in 2010, the track layout of the world’s toughest single day Xtreme Enduro will be once again modified in 2012. „We will extend the Hare Scramble 2012 racetrack distinctively – but we’ll also add some easier and faster sections to the race. Over the past few years, the true highlight of the Erzbergrodeo has developed towards a rather extreme trials-style characteristic. The changes in track design will redirect this evolution towards a more Enduro-like characteristic. But don’t worry – the Red Bull Hare Scramble will remain a quite mean thing to handle, and it will still take competitors to their limits!“, Erzbergrodeo-Mastermind Karl Katoch describes the new track design. As of now, the 500 participants of the unique event had to tackle the extremely tough 25 kilometer long racetrack within a maximum time of four hours.

ERZBERGRODEO XVIII, June 7th – 10th 2012

Another change of regulations affects the Red Bull Hare Scramble’s NoHelp zones. Within these particular sections of the track, riders are not allowed to recieve any help from spectators or crew members – they are only eligible to help, pull or push a fellow rider. So far only 6 out of the 20 sections of the entire racetrack have been marked as NoHelp zones . This number will be drastically increased in 2012 as most parts of the racetrack will be turned into NoHelp sections – starting from checkpoint „Wasserleitung“ all the way to the finish line inside the Erzbergrodeo Arena. Additionally, helping another rider will only be eligible if it’s impossible to pass the competitor at the respective section.

The impressive uphill sections right after the start of the Red Bull Hare Scramble will remain untouched by these regulation modifications, so spectators can still pull their favourite riders up the massively steep ascents.

Erzbergrodeo XVIII presents spectacular and action-loaded Trials event!
In addition to the classic side events Freestyle-MX Show, Sturm auf Eisenerz and One-On-One Rider Presentation, the Erzbergrodeo will feature an all new Xtreme Trials event in 2012. „We want to present the highly fascinating Trials sports to a wide range of motorsports enthusiasts. Trials techniques have become an important basic for all Xtreme Enduro top contenders, so it’s more than natural to present this amazing sports in front of the Erzbergrodeo crowd. The new side event will feature national Trials riders as well as international top-riders, offering superior entertainment to our spectators!“, says Katoch.

To accommodate the new side event, the Erzbergrodeo Arena will be rearranged featuring a Xtreme Trials parcours right in front of the big festival marquee. More detailed information will follow soon.

ERZBERGRODEO XVIII, June 7th – 10th 2012

starting from OCTOBER 17th 2011 at

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