Save your neck with the Leatt Brace

Let’s face it, offroad riding is a pretty extreme. All it takes is one “off” or mishap, and you can be sidelined for a very long time. And for most riders, that is not a situation you want to be found in.

We’ve heard countless stories from our customers saying how the Leatt Brace had saved them. And yes, they are still out there bashing the dunes on a regular basis. Had it not been for this simple and elegantly designed and engineered safety device, these riders may not be riding anymore. Check the diagrams below on how the Leatt Brace saves you from spinal and neck injuries;

So come by the KTM Showroom and pick yourself up one of our newly stocked Leatt Braces. Available in different colors to match your riding colors (even if its not orange… yet). Plus, we have replacement padding and parts to renew your existing neck brace.

Leatt MotoGPX Club II- Orange

Leatt MotoGPX Club II- Green

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