The Fast Yet Good Samaritan

Stage 4- Pharaons Rally

Tim Trenker at the Pharaons Rally, Stage 4Stage 4 of the Pharaons Rally featured more of the beautiful terrain of the Egyptian desert. This day’s route took the riders through some of the bigger dunes in the rally, testing the power of the bikes and the skills of the riders on this 435 km. stage. Quite technical in the first portion of the stage with lots of undulating dunes then transitions to fast “subca” sections along the Sitra lake. This hard and rough surface tests a rider’s ability and courage as speeds on the Open Class bikes reach upwards of 140kph. One mistake and a rider pays severe consequences.

Tim Trenker of the KTM Team is known for his tenacious and enduring riding and impeccable navigation. Able to keep his focus for long periods of time and manage to stay on track, Tim went through Stage 4 like a true champ. Balancing a fast pace with the bigger picture in mind (the championship), the German rider didn’t let up and finished the day in 8th place overall, one better than the past 3 days. This improvement in his standing, though not required to claim the title in the Open Production Class, shows Tim’s competitive nature. Yet, not losing sight of his ultimate goal, he has been able to stay within the top ten riders (overall) and avoid any major mishaps.

An example of how tough things are for the riders, Aprillia’s Gerard Farres crashed 288 km. in to the stage and broke his shoulder. Tim was the first to arrive at the scene of the accident and alerted the organizers and emergency crew.

“It was a fast and mixed ground. I found my rhythm and I found Gerard Farres. I saw he was feeling bad. His iritrack was broke, so I called the race direction with mine. It was hard to focus on the race after that so I rode prudently after that.”

Stage 5 is on for today and will take the riders from Sitra to Siwa after a 412 km special stage.

Overall Results after SS04 Abu Mingar-Sitra

01) Lopez Contardo, Francisco (CH) I Aprilia RXV450 I 15:11:52
02) Coma, Marc (ES) I KTM 690 Rally I 15:15:48
03) Rodrigues, Helder (PT) I Yamaha WR450 I 15:18:54
04) Przygonski, Jakub (PL) I KTM 690 Rally I 15:23:38
05) Barreda, Joan (ES) I KTM 690 Rally I 15:39:53
06) Zanotti, Alessandro (I) I Aprilia RXV450 I 16:04:28
07) Czachor, Jacek (PL) I KTM 690 Rally I 16:35:08
08) Trenker, Tim (D) I KTM 690 Rally I 17:15:15
09) Dabrowski, Marek (PL) I KTM 690 Rally I 17:17:43
10) Graziani, Matteo (I) I Aprilia RXV450 I 17:19:10

To see all results, please log on to the official website [ ].

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