A Valiant Trail- Tim Trenker at the Pharaons Rally



Tim Trenker, Managing Partner of KTM Middle East AL Shafar, is now in the closing stages of his world title bid in the International Cross-Coutry World Championship, in the Open Production Class. Currently leading the points chase, Trenker has put in an incredible performance over the season and simply needs to maintain his pace and finish well at the Pharaons Rally in Egypt to clinch the world championship title.

His performance is has been nothing short of amazing. This statement may sound cliche especially of someone running at the top of the leader board with regularity. But considering that Tim does have the pace and consistency of world championship runners, his fellow competitors are full-time racers– Tim is not. Unlike most of the top ten runners in the field, Tim spends most of his time running a business and puts in many more hours in front of his PC crunching numbers and managing the day to day workings of the Dubai KTM dealership than he does training on his rally bike. Given this situation, his current standing in the championship is nothing less than amazing!

Pharaons Rally Stage 1 and 2

The first day of the rally in Egypt was run on a long 360 km route that was fast and treacherous. Wide open stretches of hard pack, rocky terrain was mixed with undulating dunes. Tim was able to maintain a good pace and focused on not making any mistakes. “I was a really fast run this day and making a mistake was not an option. There were a couple of riders that crashed and required the MediVac helicopter. It’s that tough,” said Tim. “Thankfully, my KTM 690 Rally didn’t have any major problems, the shift lever was slightly bent and was hitting the engine case, causing me to hit neutral a few times. Otherwise, it was flawless.”

Stage 2 was a little different. The first 30 or so kilometer stretch was wide open and fast, then from there, it was a mix of tight technical terrain, some of which was hard-packed and rocky, others with very soft sand. There were stretches between these technical areas where the riders could open up the throttle and were running up to 140 kph. Then, they would approach the technical areas and slow down to 30 kph. “It was another tough day today as the terrain was very challenging. I focused on maintaining a fast pace without pushing too hard. It’s sometimes harder to run slower as your mind tends to wander. Running at a fast pace is better to be able to stay more focused,” claimed the budding world champion.

So Tim is doing very well at the Pharaons Rally and is, as of this writing, out in the deserts of Egypt in Stage 3. You can all follow Tim’s progress through the Live Timing facility at http://vulcain.iritrack.net/tdcom/eviewer/pharaons10/.

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